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Date Calendar Regarding 1st Year Admission 2017-2018

Sl. No. Particulars Start Date End Date
1 New Application & Submission of Application Fee 31-May-2017 at 10:00AM 08-June-2017 up to mid night
2 Provisinal Merit List Publication for Physical Education 09-June-2017 at 4:00PM  
3 Field Test for Physical Education 10-June-2017 at 8:00AM  
4 Provisional Merit List Publication (except Physical Education) 11-June-2017 at 10:00AM  
5 Rectification in the FILLED UP FORM can be done. 11-June-2017 upto 6:00PM  
6 Final Merit List Publication 13-June-2017 at 2:00PM  
7 1st Round Admission for Hons and General 14-June-2017 at 10:00AM 15-June-2017 up to mid night
8 2nd Round Admission for Hons and General 18-June-2017 at 10:00AM 19-June-2017 up to mid night
9 3rd Round Admission for Hons and General 22-June-2017 at 10:00AM 23-June-2017 up to mid night
10 Physical Document Verification for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Round Admitted Students 23-June-2017 and 24-June-2017 From 11:00AM to 4:00PM
11 4th Round Admission for Hons and General 26-June-2017 at 10:00AM 27-June-2017 up to mid night
12 5th Round Admission for Hons and General 29-June-2017 at 10:00AM 30-June-2017 up to mid night
13 Physical Document Verification for 4th and 5th Round Admitted Students 01-July-2017 and 03-July-2017 From 11:00AM to 4:00PM
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