Principal’s Desk

Bethuadahari College was founded on 6th October, 1986 and initially it is affiliated to the University of Calcutta. In 1999 it is affiliated to the University of Kalyani. It was a dream come true as this unprivileged area saw the birth of new college passing through a passage of diversified struggles. The enlightened citizens, local traders, poor villagers, marginal farmers, landless agricultural labourers, vendors, hawkers, rickshaw pullers, porters etc. contributed a lot to set up the college either by means of extending financial help or offering manual labour. The college started its journey with commerce stream with very few pupils initially in JCM High School for the time being and then the classes were held at “Sat Sanga Ashram” which is in the vicinity of the college. The primary aim of its founders was to reach the unreached corners of this agricultural based economically and educationally backward area to cater to the needs of aspiring students most of whom are first generation learners.

The college is marching ahead as an institute of academic excellence in the district and all the stakeholders contribute positively to it. We have a cordial atmosphere in different fronts like Students, Non-teaching and Teaching. Our ex-students include successful professionals in the different fields from academy to industry to politics to administration.

Our commitment is for the upliftment of society. Our mission is to achieve perfection of manifestation which is already in man. Our vision is to empowering society with value based education. Hence it is a joint venture where co-operation from all concerns is highly solicited.

I wish all the best for all.

Dr. Alak Kumar Das